JAMES E. WARREN is the Founder & Executive Director of Center for Community Development in Chicago. He has over 30 years experience in community organizing. Mr. Warren founded the Center for Community Development in 2004. Center for Community Development provides social emotional guidance, academic support and access to resources for inner city boys and their families in the South Shore community.

In addition to his work with the Center for Community Development, Mr. Warren serves as a consultant to several not-for-profit organizations. His areas of expertise are Youth Mentoring, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Community Development, Substance Abuse Counseling and Non-Profit Management. He received his Masters in Community Development from North Park University in the fall of 2006.  Mr. Warren is the author of “Steps to Manhood”, a book written to transform the youth in your community one person at a time.


The Center for Community Development (CCD) was founded on September 27, 2004. CCD provides social emotional guidance, academic support and access to resources for inner city boys and families in the South Shore community. We have made an impact in the community using three programs: Youth, Family and Economic Development.


The South Shore community is a place of contrasts.  In one section, bungalows on tree-lined streets welcome visitors. The Jackson Park Highlands remains a stable neighborhood.

Yet, the signs of urban decline are apparent elsewhere. The Center of Community Development provides service in a section of South Shore called “Terror Town” by some because violence and drug abuse plague it.

STRUCTURE: CCD is a 501(c) 3 non-profit with a governing board comprised of local residents. Our staff and volunteers operate using a collective structure which involves open meetings, informal discussions, and decisions by consensus.


pic 1We are providing services to boys and families in the South Shore community. Youth, Family and Economic Development programs are critical components of CCD. Our Steps To Manhood Program works with boys 7-17 years of age. Our Family programs provide recovery services for men and women ages 18 and older. Those services include case management and support groups. The Economic Development programs include the following: entrepreneurship, job readiness training, and real estate redevelopment. We train aspiring entrepreneurs in our How to Start and Run a Business class. Our job training program prepares men and boys in the following areas: creating a resume, interviewing techniques and computer literacy. CCD collaborates with multiple organizations to support the broad needs of mentees and their families.  Its close relationship with Christ Bible Church of Chicago, Impact Ministries, Hales Franciscan High School and the Hales Franciscan Alumni Association gives CCD access to a wide range of services and facilities to accommodate youth and families.

ORGANIZING FOR SOCIAL CHANGE: CCD is committed to equipping youth and families to participate in the economic development of the South Shore community. Our strategy for economic development includes providing job readiness training, entrepreneurship and real estate redevelopment. The entrepreneurship class will focus on how to start and run a business.

EVALUATION: All programs are evaluated frequently to measure accomplishments. Our program participants receive pre and post program surveys to evaluate success.


College Counseling
Financial Literacy


Case Management– for people whose loved ones live with mental health conditions

Support Groups– for people in recovery from substance abuse


Job Readiness Training
Real Estate Redevelopment

CDC philosophy

bookThe solutions to problems of urban America have generated many philosophies. However, the most creative long-term solutions to the problems of the poor are coming from grass roots and church-based efforts. The solutions are coming from people who see themselves as the ambassadors for Jesus in their own communities.

This concept is known as Christian Community Development. The concept is based on Biblical principles and practical experiences from years of living and working among the poor. In 1960, John and Vera Mae Perkins developed this philosophy to help alleviate poverty and oppression in Mississippi. Through their work and ministry, Christian Community Development was conceived. Christian Community Development has hundreds of models around the country making great progress in urban and rural communities. Locally, the Center for Community Development is an example of Christian Community Development.

The Center for Community Development is committed to listening to the community residents and hearing their dreams, ideas and thoughts. This is known as the felt need concept. Listening is important because the people of the community are the treasures of the future. The talents and abilities of the residents can solve the problems that exist. Community residents must see themselves as the solution to the problems.

Asset-based community development focuses on the assets of a community and building upon them. Christian Community Development and Asset-Based Community Development, when used together, can have extremely positive results. Every community has assets, but they are often neglected. Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) identifies all of the assets in the community that helps the community see its many positive characteristics. It is through these assets that people develop their community.

Often, the communities across the country see the church as an unfriendly neighbor. Many churches are open only on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Communities across our nation believe the church should be connected to the needs of the people around them. Because of this, grassroots organizations have started to love their neighbors and their neighborhood. The Center for Community Development works with churches, schools and community organizations to take action towards the development of its community.

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